Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic

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Oct 25, 2019


You are a glorious general of a great kingdom. The King asks to clear the forest road from the robbers. But our squad discovered strange marks of the devil, and now we need to shed light on this mystery. We are starting a dangerous raid against the mysterious evil. Will you overcome it?

Gather the best squad of heroes in the kingdom!
Clear the kingdom of bandits, orcs, goblins and other evil spirits.

- Explore and improve artifacts.
- Occupy new territories.
- Develop and protect your castle.
- Attack the castles of other players.
- Fight in the player vs player (pvp) arena and become a champion!

The new free castle game Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic will give unforgettable emotions during exciting battles.
You can feel like a real lord or squad leader and show your tactical skills.
This is the incredible mix of rpg, strategy and idle games.



- Hold any UPGRADE button for half a sec to change multiplier.
- Collect 5 cards of a hero and the RECRUIT button will appear.
- Collect 15 cards of a hero and the LEVEL UP button will appear.
- (!) The income in gold in the castle depends on a fight # in a raid. It drops after the start of a new raid, but quickly recovers as you moves on.

April 25, 2021

v 2.0: - New skills - New artifacts - Reforging artifacts - New buildings in the Castle - Acceleration of the battle - Ability to continue the battle in the raid without leaving the arena - Up to 10 heroes in a squad - Story events - Clans - Avatars - Auto-matching squads - Promotions, discounts and personal offers - Updated graphics Join:

December 29, 2019

Special New Year tournament started!

November 28, 2019

BLACK FRIDAY SALE started! Buy any set of stars in the game shop and get x100 more stars for the same price!
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